Benefits of a Trainer

When you initially sign up for a Fitness 365 membership, you will receive 2 hours of training with our Elite Personal Trainer, Nichole Kolman. You’ll quickly realize the immense value of having a professional guide you as you begin your journey to health and physical fitness.

Benefits of a Personal Trainer:

  • Personal Trainers will educate you about proper work-out form and technique to maximize your fitness progress and ensure your avoidance of injuries.
  • Personal Trainers, throught their knowledge and experience,will help you lose weight faster (you could lose up to 10 lbs. a month).
  • Personal Trainers will help you increase muscle-tone – exactly where you want to.
  • Personal Trainers will help you gain muscle faster.
  • Personal Trainers will help you improve your sport performance.
  • Personal Trainers will design customized programs to suit your needs, fitness level, goals and schedule.
  • Personal Trainers will help you achieve your personal fitness goals more quickly than you thought possible.
Success Stories

Read about the many "Fitness Success" stories by some of our members.

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