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Attention Human Resources!

As you may be aware, some of your current employees are at present enjoying the Fitness 365 facilities located at 40 Ronson Drive, Unit B, in Etobicoke.
While it has been a pleasure meeting your employees’ needs, we would like to take the time to introduce ourselves to those employees who may not be familiar with our fitness facility. As many people are currently setting goals to get into shape, or just live healthier lifestyles, we thought this would be the perfect time to initiate our special corporate fitness rates and programs within your company.
Whether your goal is to lose weight, lose inches, reduce stress, or increase your strength, energy and vitality, our certified staff will help guide you on your journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle!

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Benefits of Corporate Fitness

Why have a Corporate Fitness and Wellness Program?

There are many reasons why a company or organization would benefit from implementing a corporate fitness program. A survey conducted in 1991 by the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Institute studied active living in the workplace by asking employees how fitness had affected their workday. Listed below are some of the findings and percentages.


• Increased Job Satisfaction 51%
• Improved Health and Wellness 58%
• Improved Morale 63%
• Increased Productivity 69%
• Decreased Turnover/Recruitment Incentive 26%
• Decreased Workman’s Compensation Claims 22%
• Decreased Number of Accidents 27%
• Reduced Health Insurance Costs 29%

In recent years there has been a large movement towards a fitter and healthier workplace environment. For example, from 1986 to 1992 there was a 26% increase in the creation of fitness programs in businesses in Canada. The two areas that held the largest increases were (1) subsidized or supported programs at local fitness clubs, and (2) provisions of fitness testing and lifestyle options.

Of all the companies surveyed, over 70% felt that the responsibility of the employees’ health and well-being is a shared responsibility. This fact is reinforced by the numerous benefits (as listed above) that both the employer and the employee receive from a professional, organized program.

Fitness 365 In-House Corporate Seminars

• Weight Loss Strategies
• Stress Management
• Role of Proper Nutrition
• Benefits of Being Fit

We Offer Corporate Membership Packages
To Suit the Needs of Every Company

Company Membership Options

Our experience with Corporate Plans has been either as a direct offer to the employees or as a subsidized offer in co-operation with the employer.

Subsidized or Non-Subsidized Memberships?


As an employer, you may wish to establish a company fitness program. Within this capacity you may consider subsidizing portions of the membership such as:
1) A percentage of the Monthly Fees
2) A one time contribution to be applied to the Corporate Membership Rates


You may simply wish to endorse our Corporate Membership offer as part of your Company’s Health and Wellness Program with no subsidy.

How do we present this offer to your employees?

1) Seminar : Showcasing a wide variety of topics from weight loss to general fitness
2) Biggest Loser Competition – with a Grand Prize of $1,000
3) Programs and Nutrition Plans provided and instructed by our Elite Personal Trainer
4) Follow ups at your workplace

Wellness programs in general and fitness programs in particular may be the only employee benefit with a guaranteed payback! When people come to work, you don’t need to pay out overtime or hire temporary help: when people stay at the job longer, training costs go down, and lower health claims save the company money.

Success Stories

Read about the many "Fitness Success" stories by some of our members.

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