For the first time in Canada, only at Fitness 365...

Let me ask you something?

  • Are you tired of not getting results from your current training and nutrition plan?
  • Have you been frustrated with dieting and exercising because you didn't see or feel a change?
  • I want to introduce you to a revolutionary new program.

All of our personal training and nutritional programs will be based on each client's personal and specific genetics from a simple cheek swab.

Once we get your results back, our in-house naturopathic doctor will give you guidelines not only on your specific needs for diet and exercise but also… metabolic needs, stress response, sleep, hormone, injury susceptibility and prevention, vitamins, minerals and Methylation as well as thyroid.

It doesn't get more comprehensive, not to mention simpler than that!

I want to show you how you can achieve results like you have never seen before. Give us 4 months, just 4 months, of dedication to our genetic based program, and you will have results you never thought possible.

Included in all Training Programs:

Full Genetic Report including:

Serotonin & Dopamine
Short Term Stress and Long Term Stress
Cardiovascular Exercise
Resistance Training
Injury Susceptibility and Prevention
Phase 1 and 2 Detoxification
Vitamins, Minerals and Methylation
Reproductive Hormone: Estrogen
Reproductive Hormone: Testosterone

Naturopathic Doctor Consultations: Two Consultations with our in-house Doctor to analyse, breakdown and provide recommendations based on your Genetic Reports

Fully Customized Genetic Based Meal Plan: Working in conjunction with our Doctor, our Holistic Nutritionist will provide you with a completely customized diet based on your individual genetic requirements and your goals. (Includes recipes and grocery lists).

Supplement Recommendations: Full list of supplemental recommendations based on your individual genetic requirements.

Fully Customized Workout Program: Working in conjunction with our Doctor, our Fitness Manager will provide you with a completely customized fitness program, including cardiovascular and resistance training recommendations based on your individual genetic requirements.

Either 2 or 3 private one-on-one sessions per week with your fitness coach.

Bi-Weekly Meetings with our Nutritionist

Bi-Weekly meetings with our Fitness Manager to review your progress, keep you on track and hold you accountable.

3D Body Scans: Regular scans every 6 weeks on our 3D body scanner to track, review and visualize your results.

Full access membership to our newly renovated 17,000 square foot facility, Open and Staffed 24/7/365