DAVID / HEAD Trainer

David’s Personal Training clients benefit from his philosophy that there should be no wasted time in a workout session; no unnecessary, irrelevant exercises; no distractions. Every individualized program he devises has a single objective: to ensure that the person following it attains his or her specific health and fitness goals. It’s that simple.

David’s highly focused mental attitude has been evolving since his teenage years when he first began to immerse himself in the health and fitness field. An enthusiasm for tennis eventually led to a position as coach for both boys’ and girls’ high school tennis teams; and training in several martial arts naturally developed into his becoming a karate instructor. Throughout his involvement in these sports – as well as during his participation in both Ontario Physique Association and Balkan Bodybuilding Federation competitions – he became increasingly convinced of the importance ofobtaining knowledge and support from individuals with greater experience than his own. In fact, even though he’s been a Personal Trainer himself for nearly a decade, to this dayhe still benefits from his own training coach who guides him towards his personal health and fitness objectives.

Beyond the workout expertise, nutritional recommendations, and inspirational encouragement that David’s Personal Training clients receive from him, there is one further element that features in every single customizedworkout session he conducts: his absolute belief that there are no limits to what the human body and mind are capable of. With this conviction serving as a motivational foundation, anyone who trains with him is automatically set up for success – and impressive, enduring results.


  • Kinesiology B.A. (York University)
  • Can-Fit-Pro – Certified Personal Trainer
  • National Council for Certified Personal Trainers – Fitness Specialist
  • National Council for Certified Personal Trainers – Personal Training Specialist
  • National Council for Certified Personal Trainers – Strength Training Specialist
  • Precision Nutrition – Level 1 Certification


  • Muscle building/weight-gain (for all body-types, including ectomorphs)
  • Weight-management
  • Muscle toning
  • Strength and conditioning coaching (for athletes and non-athletes)
  • Men’s physique
  • Women’s bikini competition preparation
  • Cardiorespiratory endurance training
  • Functional strength training
  • Dynamic flexibility and stretching
  • Injury prevention training/rehabilitation training
  • Core conditioning
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Posture and gait assessment and analysis
  • General fitness, conditioning, and health improvement

NORA / Personal Trainer

In addition to being a coach and motivator, Nora understands that a Personal Trainer must provide emotional support to her clients. These three roles are required because no individual will attend every training session with the same needs: enthusiasm, stamina and determination will vary just as life’s challenges differ from one day to the next.

Nora learned this important lesson from her own physical fitness journey. Due to the stress of balancing both life and school, she began to gain weight and soon came to the realization that she was not doing all she could to live healthily. Eager for change, she made a deliberate effort to be as active as possible. Within months of joining the gym, her dramatic improvements in health and physical appearance were not going unnoticed. She started to train with friends, striving to become the best version of herself she could be by continuously setting and attaining more challenging goals. Training allows her to be creative, efficient and limitless, in a safe and positive atmosphere.

Nora’s journey taught her that everyone is fighting a battle of their own and needs a friendly ear or, sometimes, an exhausting workout to get them through the rough times. Since 2012, her caring support and cheerful encouragement have enabled those she trains to safely and effectively reach and exceed their fitness goals, to achieve the healthy lives that may have proved elusive in the past. Her philosophy of never comparing yourself to anyone else, of only striving to be a better version of yourself each day, is a lesson that brings out the best in her clients both inside and out of the gym. 


  • Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKIN) (University of Toronto)
  • Can-Fit-Pro – Certified Personal Trainer
  • CPR & First Aid certified


Weight-loss, Muscle-gain, Muscle toning, Core conditioning, General fitness and conditioning, Strength training, Weight-lifting, Dynamic flexibility and stretching, Plyometric training, Cardio respiratory endurance training, Injury assessment and rehabilitation


JONATHAN / Personal Trainer

Jonathan has been working out since he was nine years old. His mother was undergoing cancer treatment at the time and had been told by her doctor that exercise would benefit her recovery. So Jonathan began exercising with her to help her stay motivated. It was this early experience of encouraging another person to achieve their health and fitness goals that led to him becoming not just a Personal Trainer, but one who is dedicated one-hundred percent to the success of his clients. Once a client is under Jonathan’s wing, the two of them are partners on a shared, rewarding journey.

The only time Jonathan ever received a birthday gift he’d asked for was when he turned twelve. The gift was a weight bench and it became, in a sense, the foundation for his lifelong passion for working out. It was through lifting weights, in high school, university, and after – through the difficult but valuable process of trying and failing and trying again – that he learned an important truth about himself: successes in life weren’t going to come easily to him but, by educating himself on all aspects of health, fitness, nutrition and exercise, and working hard, he would achieve his objectives in the end.

It’s this hard-work ethic that Jonathan, since acquiring his Personal Trainer certification in 2015, has consistently emphasized to his clients, who range in age from twelve to eighty. Primarily, he uses his fact- and evidence-based expertise to guide and motivate individuals who want to lose weight, become stronger, and improve their quality of life; but he also coaches competitive bodybuilders and athletes striving for performance improvement. No matter what type of client he’s partnered with, however, his philosophy remains the same: we all have struggles and obstacles to deal with in life – some, seemingly insurmountable – but, with effort and determination, even the most towering mountain can be moved, piece by piece.


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer
  • CPR / AED (Automated External Defibrillator) – Level C Certified


  • Weight-loss
  • Muscle building/weight-gain
  • Strength and conditioning (for athletes and non-athletes)
  • Functional strength training
  • Injury prevention training/rehabilitation training
  • General fitness, conditioning, and health improvement
  • Coaching competitive athletes for fitness competitions
  • Athletic performance improvement
  • Bootcamp workouts
  • Post-rehab workouts (in conjunction with a chiropractor)
  • Corrective-exercise workouts