QASSEM / Personal Trainer

Making every single second of a workout count. That’s what Qassem excels at – both his own workouts and those of his Personal Training clients. No wasted time, no irrelevant or unnecessary exercises. Just intense, get-to-the-point training focused on achieving specific health and fitness goals. His clients get what they pay for: results.

Qassem has a unique understanding of his clients and what they need because he’s had firsthand experience of the many benefits of working out, and of the physical decline and deterioration that occur when exercise is neglected. Following the example of his bodybuilder father and uncles, he’s been training on and off since junior high school. It was during one of these “off” periods, while in university in 2011 and already working as a Personal Trainer, that he came to truly understand the damage that the absence of working out was doing to his own health. So he set himself a definite, tangible goal to aim for: by 2013, he would take part in a major bodybuilding competition.

Qassem achieved that goal. In October 2013, he placed fourth in his first ever show, the Winston Roberts Open (Heavyweights Division), a significant triumph given that his fellow competitors had far greater experience than he did. Participating in events such as this has enriched his lengthy Personal Training career – which started in 2008 – enabling him to guide and motivate athletes and non-athletes alike to reach their own individual levels of excellence. He’s immensely proud of the fact that his clients end each training session knowing that they’ve progressed and moved forward, one step closer to their fitness objectives.


  • Can-Fit-Pro – Certified Personal Trainer Specialist
  • Joint Mobility & Movement Certification – Agatsu System)


Weight-loss, Muscle-gain/weight-gain, General conditioning, Strength and muscle development (for athletes and non-athletes), Coaching competitive athletes for fitness competitions, Athletic performance improvement, Functional training, General fitness and health improvement, Muscle toning


MARK / Personal Trainer

Physical exercise can save your life. This is a simple fact that Mark knows to be true – firsthand. As a child, Mark suffered with severe and frequent asthma attacks. His survival depended on the use of oxygen tanks and regular hospital stays but, even so, he came frighteningly close to dying on several occasions. At the age of thirteen, he took control of his health by starting to work out at a gym, both weight- and cardio-training. As his strength and stamina increased, his body functions reached a new level of efficiency. Through hard work and dedication, he overcame his asthma and has experienced no attacks since he was seventeen.

Not surprisingly, this life-changing experience is partly what compelled Mark to become a Personal Trainer: to communicate his enthusiasm for health and fitness to his clients and motivate them to conquer whatever they believe to be their physical limitations, to strive to achieve goals they never dared dream of before. Since his late teens, he has worked as a fitness advisor and group exercise instructor, a physio assistant, and an assistant basketball coach in high school. He qualified as a Personal Trainer by the time he was twenty.

Mark’s remarkable background, his training qualifications and his degree in Kinesiology make him ideally suited to train a variety of clients with a variety of fitness goals. And his friendly, approachable, enthusiastic personality guarantees that he develops close relationships with those he trains: so, as much as he motivates his clients to push forward and better themselves every day for their own benefit, he also has a deeply personal stake in their progress.


  • Honours Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Kinesiology (University of Guelph-Humber)
  • Can-Fit-Pro – Certified Personal Trainer Specialist
  • Can-Fit-Pro – Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist
  • Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma (Humber College)
  • Standard First Aid & CPR-proficiency – Health Care Provider (HCP) level with Automated External De-fibrillation (AED) certification


Rehabilitation training, Weight-loss, Weight-gain, Strength and conditioning, Sport-specific training, Functional movement screening, Dynamic - flexibility and stretching, Core conditioning, Posture assessment, General fitness


NORA / Personal Trainer

In addition to being a coach and motivator, Nora understands that a Personal Trainer must provide emotional support to her clients. These three roles are required because no individual will attend every training session with the same needs: enthusiasm, stamina and determination will vary just as life’s challenges differ from one day to the next.

Nora learned this important lesson from her own physical fitness journey. Due to the stress of balancing both life and school, she began to gain weight and soon came to the realization that she was not doing all she could to live healthily. Eager for change, she made a deliberate effort to be as active as possible. Within months of joining the gym, her dramatic improvements in health and physical appearance were not going unnoticed. She started to train with friends, striving to become the best version of herself she could be by continuously setting and attaining more challenging goals. Training allows her to be creative, efficient and limitless, in a safe and positive atmosphere.

Nora’s journey taught her that everyone is fighting a battle of their own and needs a friendly ear or, sometimes, an exhausting workout to get them through the rough times. Since 2012, her caring support and cheerful encouragement have enabled those she trains to safely and effectively reach and exceed their fitness goals, to achieve the healthy lives that may have proved elusive in the past. Her philosophy of never comparing yourself to anyone else, of only striving to be a better version of yourself each day, is a lesson that brings out the best in her clients both inside and out of the gym. 


  • Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKIN) (University of Toronto)
  • Can-Fit-Pro – Certified Personal Trainer
  • CPR & First Aid certified


Weight-loss, Muscle-gain, Muscle toning, Core conditioning, General fitness and conditioning, Strength training, Weight-lifting, Dynamic flexibility and stretching, Plyometric training, Cardio respiratory endurance training, Injury assessment and rehabilitation